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How to Display Necklaces or the Flash of Inspiration

In which Necklaces 06.08.09The Wartime Housewife gets frustrated with tangled necklaces
and buys a mug rack at the village fete to get them organised.

I love necklaces; long, short, chunky, sparkly, ethnic, old-fashioned, pearls and studs.  Accounting for The Boys, I estimate that the average time for getting ready to go out is approximately 20 minutes, which includes, bath/shower, doing my hair, make-up, choosing clothes, choosing shoes (from my collection of 50-odd pairs – more on that later) and on top of that, attempting to accessorize jewellery. 

Firstly, I can never remember what I actually have and then, when I did rummage through the box, I found them in a tangled heap and simply hadn’t the time to sit down and extract what I needed.  I invariably ended up wearing the same old thing over and over again, despite having some very jolly things to choose from. 

Then, I went to the Slawston  Village Fete.  This is a super little annual fete behind the Village Hall that provides everything one could possibly want from a fete; games, second-hand books, bric-a-brac, tombolas, excellent cream teas served by smiling ladies and best of all (if you’ll pardon my French) no bloody face-painting.  God I hate face painting; I wouldn’t mind if…….  oh I’m so sorry, I shall go and fetch a cup of tea at once.   

Now. Rummaging through the dazzling array of bric-a-brac donated by those with larger attics than mine, I chanced upon a mug rack of the trellis  kind you screw or nail to the wall.  In a flash, I thought “Necklaces!” and quickly handed over my  two shillings (that’s 10p in old money).  When I arrived home, I screwed it to the side of my wardrobe, quite high up, and now all my necklaces are displayed, easy to access and don’t trail about on the top of the dressing table. 

I just put mine up in its raw state, but a creative type could paint it to co-ordinate with bedroom décor or simply in one’s favourite colours.  Acrylic paints with a coat of varnish would be perfect for this, acrylics are relatively cheap, can be bought at any art shop and last for a very long time if you keep the cap tightly on. 

Now if anyone can think of a clever way of storing earrings, please let me know.


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