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Chocolate 13.08.09Last week, Mr De Worde and I decided to entertain ourselves with an evening in front of the television set.  This activity is naturally not complete without a full teapot and a large bar of chocolate and I was despatched to the shop having been put on confectionery detail.  There is a massive array of brands and types of chocolate on sale, and I would sell my own mother for a Lindt Bunny, but naturally the Wartime Housewife is keen to combine quality with economy and I can be easily swayed by an attractive package.  My eye fell upon a pink cardboard packet of Co-operative Fairtrade milk chocolate which had a 50’s style picture with an amusing caption on it.  I was really impressed by this, as it is unusual to find imaginative packaging for an own brand item.

It was with absolutely no reluctance that I decided to conduct a taste test into the supermarket own brand milk chocolate (I don’t like dark chocolate but I am happy to sub-contract this one), and my findings were as follows.  I will note that Tesco didn’t sell an own brand Fairtrade bar at the Metro in Market Harborough, but it is available in bigger stores.  Also, I couldn’t find a Fairtrade bar in Sainsbury’s, but when I asked the very handsome young man at the till whether such an item existed, he went to so much trouble to find one for me, I didn’t have the heart not to buy that one as well.

Supermarket brand




out of 10

The Co-operative Fairtrade milk chocolate  This was gorgeous; creamy but not too gloopy, chocolaty (?sp) but not cocoa-y.  One immediately wanted a second bar.28% cocoa solids 





Sainsbury’s Belgian milk chocolate This was nice, but tasted quite buttery and left a slightly cocoa-y aftertaste.  One bar is quite enough between two people.30% cocoa solids 





Sainsbury’s organic Fairtrade milk chocolate This was not nearly as nice as I expected it to be.  It was lovely and creamy, but had a really odd initial taste which I can’t place and left a slight sharpness on the tastebuds afterwards.  One piece with a cup of coffee would be ample.35% cocoa solids 





Tesco milk chocolate This was really nasty.  It tasted like the unpleasantly sweet, cheap, pretend chocolate you get with ‘Jazzies’ or other children’s sweets. Only suitable for cooking.26% cocoa solids 





 There is no Waitrose within 20 miles of me.

Homespun Fun with Chocolate

Game 1:  Take a box of chocolates, essentially the ones with different centres.  Take one out of the box without letting your friend see which one it is.  Put it in your mouth and chew it five times.  Open your mouth and let your friend guess which chocolate you took!

Game 2:  Buy several packets of chocolate buttons and place them in the freezer for a couple of hours.  Put as many of them as you can in your mouth at once  and crunch them up without dribbling or choking.  I can manage 45!  What can you do?

Pip Pip!

Post script:  I am sorry to report that the Co-operative packet mentioned above was a Mothers’ Day Special Edition and therefore no longer on sale.  The chocolate, however, is still out there.  Well done anyway, Co-op!


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