Emergency Sledge

If you find yourself in the disturbing position of having no sledge on a snowy slope (10/- to anyone who can say that after a bottle of  the Wartime Housewife’s Sloe Gin) you will need the following:-

1 x large piece of thick cardboard – 2 if you have them
1 large thick bin liner with handles
1 x snowy slope

Place the large piece of cardboard into the sack, trimming to fit if necessary
Place your bottom on the bin liner, grasping the handles firmly
Hurl yourself down the slope

The Wartime Housewife takes no responsibility for anyone who recklessly hurls themselves into the path of oncoming vehicles, livestock, the waste products of livestock, or barbed-wire fences.


Filed under Children, General DIY, Leisure, Make it yourself, Outdoor Activities, Re-use Recycle

2 responses to “Emergency Sledge

  1. I find a tin teatray does the trick. Goes at about 120mph before launching you over a hedge.

  2. wartimehousewife

    It would have to be a jolly big tea tray!

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