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Call for the Trepanner! The Wartime Housewife has a migraine

This will be brief.  The Wartime Housewife is laid up with an unimaginable migraine and is writing this in the brief 20 minutes between elephant strength pain killers kicking in and wearing off again.

For the last 10 or 15 years I have suffered with migraines, but normally of the psychadelic flashing light variety which, although they prevent me from driving or moving about, are pain free and dealt with by a swift blow from a handful of ibuprofen.  This current episode is a horse of an entirely different colour.  The pain is rolling round my head like a thunderstorm round the Welland Valley; sometimes gripping the back of my neck in pulsing waves of pain, then moving to behind my eyes, apparently taking large pliers to my optic nerve, before tingling helplessly up and down the right side of my arm and face.

The father of my children has swung into action taking the children to school and bringing industrial containers of tablets and I am about to take to my bed yet again.  It started on Sunday evening and although the main crisis has, I think, passed, I am totally incapacitated.  How some poor people cope with this on a regular basis without going insane, I simply don’t know. 

A great grandfather of mine was trepanned at sea, sometime in the eighteenth century and quite honestly, if I thought that would work, I would invite any one of you round with your tool box at your earliest convenience.

If any of you suffer from migraine, what do you do?



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