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Badges of Honour – FANY

This is the third and final part of my WW2 mini series based on some badges that I bought at the Harborough Antique Fair.  How could I not have a badge that said FANY?


The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry was created in 1907 as a first aid link between front-line fighting units and the field hospitals.  During the First World War, FANYs ran field hospitals, drove ambulances and set up soup kitchens and troop canteens, often under highly dangerous conditions.  By the end of the war they had been awarded many decorations for bravery

At the outbreak of the Second World War, the Corps was called upon to form the nucleus of the Motor Driver Companies of the ATS.  Some FANYs  were attached to the Special Operations Executive.  These women worked on coding and signals, acted as conductors for agents and provided administration and technical support for the Special Training Schools. Their work was top secret and often highly skilled. Members operated in several theatres of war, including North Africa, Italy, India and the Far East.

Since the war, the Corps has been known chiefly for its work in the field of military and civil communications, a legacy of its distinguished wartime record.  Since 1999, when the Commandant in Chief, HRH The Princess Royal, gave the Corps permission to use her title, the Corps has been renamed PRVC (The Princess Royal’s Volunteer Corps).

FANYs run to their ambulances



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