The Two Minute Review – 3

TV Documentary:         Wonders of the Solar System
                                             1/5 Empire of the Sun

Channel:                           BBC2 at 9.00pm

Presented by:                Prof. Brian Cox – Physicist

I loved this so much.  Brian Cox is one of those people whose joy in his subject completely infects his audience and makes you feel as though you have genuinely understood everything he tells you.  The photography was dazzling and he shows the solar system to be vast, mysterious and thrilling place.  I can’t wait for next week.


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15 responses to “The Two Minute Review – 3

  1. Morag

    We’re looking forward to watching this on iPlayer this evening. I’d prefer to watch it on the TV screen, but 9pm is just too late for my son to stay up (though I’m sure he’d disagree!)

  2. Tell you what, B.Cox must have a good PR agent. I’d never heard of him, preferring to think that it was the name of a very fine Scots actor (Terese Raquin, Rob Roy, Bourne Identity) but sadly no more.

  3. I don’t mean Brian Cox the actor is no more, of course. Just his identity in popular culture now that this usurper has swung in from the far side of the solar system.

  4. Jon Dudley

    Yes, I too had never heard of this youth…maybe he could double up with Brian May another ‘rockstar physicist/astronomer’ for a Britain’s got (scientific) Talent show. Is it just me (don’t answer this) or does he look like can’t believe his luck in landing such a series? An inane grin is never far from his lips as he arrives in yet another exotic location. Of course the boy’s bright, but I’m not particularly enamoured of his style. Me, jealous – you bet!

    • wartimehousewife

      I thought he was just really enjoying his subject. I was quite encouraged by the fact that he was quite an ordinary bloke and only just on the wrong side of handsome to avoid being a twat. And I’m sure he can’t believe his luck and good for him, I say. I’d simply like to see a show called ‘Britian’s got Scientists’ (as opposed to thousands of youngsters sporting a degree in Hollyoaks).

      I’m sure that both you, Jon, and you, Peter, would make equally witty and charming presenters. (backhanders to the usual address…)

  5. Jon Dudley

    I can’t speak for Mr. Ashley but I can’t help thinking that I would be an excellent, if modest presenter of ‘Britain’s got miserable old gits’. Mr. A already has experience of the presenters art so he has a head start – I’ve no idea how his credentials stack up in the misery stakes. As usual, you speak sense and I should be far more tolerable of the enthusiasm of youth…I’ll try him again. I rather like your description of him being ‘on the wrong side of handsome’.

  6. Jon Dudley

    Bugger! I meant to say ‘tolerant’. Or could you alter my previous post for me, please, Miss?

  7. Bring back Fyfe Robertson.

    • wartimehousewife

      Jon: If chaps are too classically handsome, they get above themselves. My definition of “the wrong side of handsome” means they are usually full of character but not aware that this makes them much more attractive than mere good looks, so they don’t preen.

      Peter: Who?

  8. Jon Dudley

    Fyfe Robertson…Cliff Michelmore, Derek Hart, Alan Whicker, MacDonald Hastings, Trevor Philpott, John Morgan, Slim Hewitt. And of course Cy Grant who died only recently.

    Peter (and I suspect you well know this, WH) refers to the inimitable ‘Tonight’ televisual programme of yesteryear, the theme tune of which ran something like this…

    Di di dah dah diddley di di di,
    diddley di dah dah, di di diddley dah dah, etc

    Again your clarification of ‘wrong side of handsome’ begs some examples from popular culture…Billy Bragg, maybe?

    • wartimehousewife

      Jon: Because I am so unfeasibly youthful, I don’t remember the programme although some of the names are familiar. I’ve just googled ‘Tonight’ and the theme tune was not known to me, despite your excellent and accurate transcription!

      Mmm examples from popular culture…
      Billy Bragg would certainly fit the bill, as would:
      Michael Kitchen, Peter Capaldi, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, John Simm, Louis Theroux, Alan Rickman, Martin Freeman, Christopher Eccleston. Does that help?

  9. That Brian Cox was in that D:Ream – what done that “Things can only get better” track which was the soundtrack to the paradise that has been New Labour.

    But let’s not hold that against him. He’s been the chirpy face of particle physics for a little while now – on Horizon programmes for example.

  10. Jo Halford

    RU – at last someone’s got it.
    We watched it avidly but just wanted him to break into song!

    It was broadcast too late for my youngest boy but I discovered him watching it on children’s tv the next morning with additional children’s bits to make it more fun and it really worked, he loved it and I enjoyed it even more than the adults version…it really did get better!!

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