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Oh where oh where can my Benger’s be?

I have had a cry for help.   Many of you read my recent article about Benger’s Food and may have read the comment from BigDave who still has one solitary tin, which he rations to himself with laudable self restraint.  This was his message:

My old mum used to give me Bengers food when I was poorly as a child.
It was so scrummy I would sometimes fake being ill just to get a drink of it.
I have looked everywhere to try to buy some recently, but I think its gone out of production.  What a shame and a great loss to my taste buds.

Does anyone know if it can still be bought anywhere and if not, does anyone have any at home they would like to sell to me?
I would pay a very good price.
Contact me on………..
verytalldave (@) hotmail.com
If you can help…………..
Thanks to all………………..

I have tried very hard to research not only when Benger’s went out of production (I suspect late 50’s/early 60’s) but whether there are any tins of Benger’s out there, to put an end to BigDave’s torment.

Any information gratefully received.  Let’s help BigDave.

Ps.  He’s tried Complan but it falls woefully short.



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