A recipe card which uses a packet cake-mix? Shame.


As I was coming out of Sainsbury’s on Friday evening, I glanced at the rack of recipe cards by the door.  These cards always make me seethe, particularly the ‘Feed your Family for a Fiver’ ones for two reasons:-
a)  Unless you have a family of ten, there should be no difficulty in producing a main course for £5
b)  It never is only £5, because there are always extra ‘storecupboard’ ingredients which they have failed to cost in

However, today I saw an attractive card showing a picture of cupcakes and, as I was going to put a recipe for cupcakes on the blog sometime soon, I picked it up and brought it home.  Imagine my astonishment when the list of ingredients on the back included One pack of Sainsbury’s Fairy Cake Mix.  A recipe card instructing people to use a packet cake mix. By all means put a serving suggestion on the back of the cake mix box, but don’t pretend it’s a proper recipe.

I am not a food fascist.  I don’t make absolutely everything we eat from scratch because sometimes I’m worn out and short of time and it’s more important to eat on time than to produce a homespun extravaganza.  But a recipe card from a ‘big four’ supermarket that paid a leading celebrity chef a small fortune to promote their brand?  Shame on them.


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11 responses to “A recipe card which uses a packet cake-mix? Shame.

  1. Sue

    Absolutely shame on them! This sort of thing makes me so cross. I’m afraid I am a bit of a food fascist but I do have the luxury of plenty of time.
    You are right about it not being difficult to produce a meal for less than a fiver. Have you seen Dulce Domum’s blog Bread and Roses? She has some excellent posts on frugal cooking and meal planning.



    • wartimehousewife

      Thanks for that Sue, I’ve just had a look at her blog and it’s such a lovely eclectic mix. I shall bung it on the list! Networking, dear, networking!

  2. Percy Weiper

    Are these the same as your English Fairy cakes? Are there fairies in Sainsbury’s?

  3. Myrtle

    Those cupcakes look repulsive! I have quite a sweet tooth but that amount of sugar laden cream topped with a nightmarish mouse, or whatever it’s supposed to be, fair turns my stomach. Maybe you need to be a child to appreciate them – just give me a fairy cake with modest icing and a glace cherry on the top!

  4. That is a very strange thing to put on a ‘recipe’ card.
    My favourite fairy cake mixes when I was a kid were the ‘Chocolate’, ‘Orange’ or ‘Lemon Tops’ by Mary Baker. My older sister used to make them for me and my brother when we were very young…as we got older a lot of the batter didn’t even make it to the oven…yum!

    • wartimehousewife

      Blimey VG, I’d forgotten all about those, we used to make those too! The orange and lemon icing was really sickly and absolutely wonderful.

      AND as children we occasionally used to sneak downstairs and make cake mixture For Eating Purposes Only. I was telling the Aged Parent about this recently and said “But of course you must have known we were doing it?” “No” she replied. Result!

  5. I absolutely agree!

    They could at least have put a proper recipe and a little note at the bottom to say it was possible to use the (whisper) cake mix!

  6. Jo Halford

    Yes, I too was dismayed to see that the recipe was for a packet mix…. disgusting! My children live on home baking (as I’d rather bake than cook) and obviously this is healthier and tastier than shop-bought preservative laden goodies (baddies).
    So far the meals I have tried out from the Sainsbury magazine which I receive through the post (for which I do not pay) have been bland and unsuccessful.
    On a different note, I am increasingly becoming more and more resentful of the collections for charity stuffed under my nose every time I go there. Indeed I am always a broken woman when I have paid the shopping bill and in need of charity myself!

    • wartimehousewife

      It’s getting beyond a joke now isn’t it Jo. What with that and the constant demands for £1 for this and £1 for that at school, we will all be having to find alternative sources of income!

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