It’s Rhubarb Jim, but not as we know it

One of your Five-a-Day

I’d like to share something lovely with you.  Yes, you, because I feel we are now intimate.

At the moment, Sister the Second is staying with me, to help out during the Easter Holiday.  She has been a Trojan, entertaining my children in super and Aunterly ways.  Having eaten our own body weight in fish and chips, chocolate and a rather palatable Sauvignan Blanc this evening, I thought it was time to take the gloves off. 

Irish Alice and I have something of an excellent and, might I suggest, well-earned reputation for being enthusiastic parishioners in the congregation of St Bacchus-on-the-Wold and, after a night of devotion, we have acquired the taste for a little ‘pudding’.  Enter the Rhubarb and Custard.

Rhubarb and Custard, despite the name, has nothing to do with either rhubarb or custard, but is instead a glorious combination of Chambord and Advocaat.  Chambord is a French liqueur made with raspberries, other fruit, herbs and honey.  Advocaat is something you give to your Granny *. 

Take a shot glass or very small sherry glass and half fill it with Chambord
Top it up to the rim with advocaat
Admire how beautifully it floats
Tip the whole lot into your mouth and slosh it around a bit
Revel in the fact that it tastes just like trifle but without the nasty surprise of sponge
Repeat until fade……

Sister the Second liked it a lot, if that’s any help.
I’m going to bed now.

* Advocaat can also be mixed with lemonade and topped with a maraschino cherry.  This is called a Snowball.  It is unpleasantly retro but a guilty pleasure best enjoyed just before the cheese and pineapple.


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12 responses to “It’s Rhubarb Jim, but not as we know it

  1. Don’t, whatever you do, Google the term “snowball” in this context…

  2. Affer

    My daughter’s favourite TV cartoon was Roobarb and Custard…..the theme is enough to drive you insane!

  3. My next door neighbour’s rhubarb poked its magnificent self through a hole in the estate wall and I now have its offspring growing on my patch. Last year I went out at dusk when I heard a low mumble emanating from it. As I bent down I heard tiny rhubarby voices going “People, people, people”. However, I can thoroughly vouch for the efficacy of the Wartime Housewife Cocktail.

  4. wartimehousewife

    Morag: I feel uncharacteristically naive here – please explain snowballing. If it’s too filthy, send it under a psuedonym which means I have to approve it before it hits the blog!

    Peter: Either your medication needs increasing or you have finally found some friends on your wavelength.

  5. I may try this as I like Chambord. My tipple of choice after a long day of banking (my previous profession) was a Purple Hooter…unfortunate name, nice cocktail!

    • wartimehousewife

      Ooh what’s a Purple Hooter, VG? Promise me you’re not leading me into exposing yet more of my ignorance of current sexual practice….

  6. No, it’s just a drink consisting of; Chambord, vodka, 7 Up and a twist of lemon (served in a martini type glass preferably).

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