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Worn Out

The boys go back to school tomorrow for the Spring Term and, as usual the holidays have gone much too quickly. 

Boy the Elder took the entrance exam for one of the grammar schools for the second time yesterday.  I felt sick all morning although he came out feeling quite positive.  I have spent most of the last two days  intensively researching possible charitable trusts who might be able to offer financial help, and have been trying to draft a  letter to send to them detailing the circumstances.  

I revisited the ‘out of catchment’ school who refused our appeal last year, in case a place had come up and I even, as a last resort, approached a charitable boarding school in Sussex.  If I hear one more person tell me that, had I applied at the end of Year 6, he would almost certainly have got in, I’m going to scream.

I showed the first draft to four people and each one had a different viewpoint and I simply don’t know what the right course of action is.  I’m worn out with it all to be honest.  What if I’ve actually made things worse by getting his hopes up, only for nothing to change?  The worst case is that he doesn’t get into either school and I’m going to have to take up the slack for the rest of his school life and make sure that his life outside school compensates for the lack of stimulation inside it.  And I still have another child, although hopefully by the time it’s his turn, I’ll know what to do.

When this process is over, I’m going to write the Blog of All Blogs about my experiences and hopefully have some useful advice for people in the same boat.

Tomorrow I will undoubtedly feel better.


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