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Wills’ Cigarette Cards No 1: How to Make a Simple Barometer

Back in November I bought an (incomplete) pack of Wills Cigarette Cards, which I discovered to be from the 1930s.  They comprise 50 cards giving beautifully illustrated Household Hints – right up my street, but sadly many were missing.  I told you how to restore a crushed broom, but Rate My Sausage was disappointed in his efforts to make a handy rack for his (restored) brooms.

And then, miraculously, and generously, The Father of My Children presented me with a complete pack, which means that over time I will be able to offer practical and illustrated advice on making not only broom racks, but cycle brackets and dog kennels, I will show you how to lay linoleum and cement a path. You can be daring with distemper.

But for now, here is:

1.  How to Make a Simple Barometer


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