Songwriters’ Circle BBC4

Being Boy the Younger’s birthday, it has been a hectic and fun-filled day.  I finally sat down just before 11pm and was flicking about the channels for something cheerful and mindless to watch while I had a final cup of coffee.

Fran Healy out of Travis

I clicked on to a programme on BBC4 called Songwriters’ Circle, because it had the promising line up of Fran Healy out of Travis, Graham Gouldman out of 10cc and Ron Sexsmith, a Canadian of not nearly enough repute.  All three are singer songwriters, all three write beautiful music and there was a tremendous rapport and a welcome generosity between them, which really showed as I was watching them listening to and enjoying each other’s music.

Ron Sexsmith - under-rated

Ron Sexsmith is a massively under-rated musician.  His songs are lyrical and intelligent and he strikes me as being a very charismatic bloke.  He seems to be lauded by other musicians but has so far failed to really break through in the wider market.  There was a documentary about him before this programme which I missed, but you can find it on iPlayer and extracts on Youtube.  Have a listen and tell me what you think.

There were some great songs sung, established hits and new stuff, and I enjoyed hearing them done acoustically.  Apparently this has been part of a series about songwriters but I’ve missed all the others.  Have a listen to the programme on BBC iPlayer HERE – I don’t know how long it will be on.  It was one of those programmes which makes you smile all the way through so don’t miss it.  I took the photographs off the telly so you can put faces to names; I’m sure this is not legal but as I’m promoting their programme, I hope they’ll let me off.

Graham Gouldman out of 10cc

I seemed to be being drawn to 10cc at the moment.  I bought a Greatest Hits type cd the other day charting the history of 10cc, there was then an interview with Graham Gouldman on the the radio and tonight, there he was again with the other two.  Sister the Second has invited me darn sarf to see them in April.  Do you think I should go?


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8 responses to “Songwriters’ Circle BBC4

  1. g-rider

    Ron Sexsmith ‘Love Shines’, great song. I agree, he’s very under rated – and you should go see 10cc. They’re class.

  2. Jo Halford

    So excited to read this blog. I very rarely switch on the tv but last night I did and tuned into the documentary on Ron Sexsmith.

    In 2003, my brother told me to go out and buy the new cd by someone called Ron Sexsmith and trusting his taste I did so and became a huge fan. Recently I heard his unmistakable voice on mainstream radio and was thrilled to think that he had ‘broken through’….however, as you will see from the documentary, even though they gave it their best shot, this failed to happen. This very talented man came across as self-deprecating, very quiet and full of self-doubt – a very troubled persona came across to the viewer. Indeed as you say WTH, many successful musicians and songwriters endorse his genius, the greatest accolade coming from Elvis Costello (another of my favourites) with whom RS does a duet… gave me goosebumps! I do hope this programme reached many people who would appreciate him because he fully deserves the highest recognition for his talents. Although one does wonder if that is what he really wants.

  3. Jo Halford

    p.s. definitely go to see 10cc!

  4. Jo Halford

    Just been on the Ron Sexsmith website and the ‘Love Shines’ documentary will be shown again tonight Saturday March 5th and Sunday 6th – check BBC4 website for exact times!

  5. EnglishRose

    Of course you should go! No question about it. You only live once 😉

  6. wartimehousewife

    Sister the Second has booked the tickets. Hurrah!

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