Win Free Beer with The Dabbler and Bath Ales!

Golden Hare, Ginger Hare, Wild Hare, Rare Hare, Gem… 

Four pints of heaven

… this may sound like The Wartime Housewife’s shopping list but it is, in fact, a few of the wonderful names given to Bath Ales of Bristol. 

I’m a regular reader of The Dabbler, a cultural magazine blog.  It covers a broad range of subjects, is often humorous and always readable.  I contributed myself only a few weeks ago in their ‘6Clicks’ feature, so they are clearly people of discernment.  If you’re even vaguely interested in art, literature, music and the wider world, give it a go.

At the moment, The Dabbler is running an exclusive competition to win some Bath Ale.  I have only recently converted to drinking beer on a regular basis and I have to admit that I would buy these based on their labels alone.  Apparently, Bath Ales produce the best beer in the known universe – as Brit explained here – and The Dabbler has been in touch with these lovely people to wangle one of you a free case.

Bath Ales use traditional brewing techniques blended with cutting-edge technology.  They are an independent micro-brewery established in Bristol in 1995. Their founders all come from a brewing background and have combined a complementary range of skills with a shared passion for real ale. They have also just opened a new bottling plant and brewery shop.

It’s so heart-warming to see these micro-breweries springing up all over the place and we should be supporting local breweries wherever they appear.  There is so much revolting alcoholic crap being touted around in pubs and clubs these days, that it is sheer joy to experience properly brewed, well-kept beers, made from real ingredients and that taste divine.  Wild Hare at 5%?  Give me three pints at once.

Read The Dabbler and go in for their Bath Ales competition.   You won’t regret it.


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11 responses to “Win Free Beer with The Dabbler and Bath Ales!

  1. Cletus "Big Dog" Kincaid

    Why, little lady, I am just not sure you gals should be drinking beer. You all put stuff like ice in it, or lime juice. It’s man’s stuff and I think you all look prettier with a fruit juice or a glass of white wine.

    • wartimehousewife

      Cletus you’re very naughty. It is the 21st century and women can drink what they like. I wouldn’t dream of adulterating a decent pint of beer – what wickedness is that?

    • I love a shandy on a hot day, so I suppose I’m guilty of being a “little lady” then…

  2. Sue

    Interesting blog The Dabbler, although I was a bit perturbed by the misuse of an apostrophe in today’s post. Apostrophe abuse does seem to upset me more than it does others.

    I buy two bottles of beer, often Bath Ales, every week to enjoy when my husband gets back from work on Friday evenings. My choice is based entirely on the labels and the shape of the bottles. St Peter’s Ales have particularly pleasing bottles. We also like Teme Valley Brewery ales which are very local to us –

    • wartimehousewife

      Sue – the St Peter’s Wheat Beer is absolutely gorgeous. My favourite beer is Badger Beer’s ‘Blandford Fly’ which is very strong and has a hint of ginger. The pub I frequent in Hallaton also has a lovely one called ‘Doom Bar’. Actually, I’m getting rather thirsty…

  3. Wise words, Wartime H, and thanks.

    Sue – your excellent taste in beer is matched only by your zeal for grammatical accuracy. I can’t spot the offending apostrophe in Mahlerman’s post. Could you point it out so that I can give our resident proofreader (a debt-ridden student chained to a radiator in the dankest cellar of Dabbler Towers and fed on a diet of acorns and vinegar) an extra flogging?

    • Sue

      My pleasure, my virtual red pen is putting a ring around it’s in the fourth sentence. It should be its . Please don’t flog anyone though, a gentle ticking off should do the trick.

      • Sue

        I refer to the first it’s not the second. The second it’s is correct.

      • Ah yes, well spotted. I don’t blame Mahlerman – he’s too busy touching the Sublime to worry about such trifles – but I’m off to get my Ticking Off mace now.

  4. Affer

    I confess that I do like Ginger Hare. In the right place, of course.

  5. Agreed: Bath Ales are very civilised brews. On the whole, the south west does seems to do rather well for smaller breweries. My earliest memories of moving to Bristol in 1976 include the wonderful smell from the Courage’s brewery; yet I always ranked their Directors (apparantly without an apostrophe, although I feel there should be one) as one of the vilest, most venomous fluids I’ve ever tried drinking. May I put in a word of enthusiastic praise for our own local Otter Brewery?

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