A simple and practical Outdoor Ashtray

Now that smokers have all been forced into the wilderness to carry out their unspeakable evil, the problem of what to do with fag ends has become an al fresco problem.

Which can now be solved with the Wartime Housewife’s Flower Pot Outdoor AshtrayImpervious to the Elements!

Simply buy a terracotta flower pot with matching tray, upturn the flower pot and deposit your ash and cigarette butts into the hole at the top.  The wind will not blow your nicotine nastiness all over the garden and the tray can then be emptied easily into the bin – and no Butts in your Buddleias!


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11 responses to “A simple and practical Outdoor Ashtray

  1. I found your blog tonight, and I LOVE it! First of all, you had me very grateful for the ashtray post: my sweet husband, always trying to quit smoking, is banned to the damp, dark, bug-infested side of the house to indulge. He relies upon empty cups, or he “hides” butts under the pinestraw and leaves ( I disapprove of that!). Your smart solution is perfect. It LOOKS like it belongs out there, while hiding all of those ugly stinky butts. Anyway, then I decided to browse a bit through your posts. I came across the poem (lovely), the recipes, the sweet story of your son and school…and that HEDGEHOG post! I am HOOKED. See you tomorrow.
    : )

    • wartimehousewife

      Welcome Valerie and thank you for your kind comments. You’ll find this site an eclectic old mix but the main focus is on personal life and what we need to feed it both practically and creatively, the family and trying to get people to be a bit more self sufficient. Sometimes I hear or see something that fascinates me and I share it or just rant on a bit! There are also going to be some new development soon, so keep reading!

      Ps. I liked your site very much too – a real visual treat and lots of design ideas. Have a look at The Corinthian Column site (in my Interesting Blogs section) – I think you’d enjoy it.

  2. And no more cigarette butts swimming in ashtrays flooded with nicotine dyed rainwater. Brilliantly simple!

  3. CPC

    Woman, you are a wonder! A really clever idea.
    BUT have you finished unpacking yet. I mention this smugly as we have just completed ours after 11.5 years .

  4. Patricia

    Oh how I wish ” Pubs” would do something about ” Fag ends” outside on the pavements in our ” High Street” There are tin? deposit boxes they use abroad which are fixed on the wall outside of cafe’s / restaurant’s , paited bright colours , a good idea , & great if it were ” possible” ??? here in the U K .

    • wartimehousewife

      Patricia: I’ve certainly seen lots of these in the Market Harborough area and generally in the East Midlands. The problem is often getting them emptied.

  5. g-rider

    Don’t empty it. Maybe if you leave the tabs in there long enough a little ciggie tree will sprout and grow out of the hole in the top?

  6. g-rider

    Maybe not Narnia but they do grow in The Big Rock Candy Mountains;

    Oh, the buzzing of the bees in the cigarette tress
    By the soda water fountains
    By the lemonade springs where the bluebird sings
    In The Big Rock Candy Mountains.

    Burl Ives told me that.

  7. And the bulldogs all have rubber teeth
    And the hens lay soft boiled eggs.

    Apologies for my failure to recognise that song from one of my favourite films ever

  8. Morag

    Excellent idea from the ever practical WH. Thank you. My partner has an evening cigarette in the garden and he leaves the butts (at my request) in one particular plant pot. An upturned pot would be so much neater, which would appeal to both of us.

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