Joy of Soup

Red Winter Soup

One of the lovely things about the darker nights and colder weather is that home-made soup is on the menu more often.

Tonight we had Red Winter Soup which packed full of Vitamin C to help ward off colds.

In our local Co-op this morning I found four tins of Chestnut Puree in the bargain bucket for only 34p each so I bought them all for future use in Chestnut and Bacon Soup

Pea and Ham Soup

With root vegetables becoming seasonally cheaper, lovely lentil and vegetable soups can be recycled for days.
Make a huge pot and on Day 1 cook some chops or chicken pieces in it.  On Day 2 add some sausages and on Day 3 eat it on its own with good bread and a chunk of decent cheese.

Raid your local butcher or delicatessen and ask them for ham bones for hearty Pea and Ham Soup.

There are still patches of new nettles out there

And of course, let us not forget that Halloween is coming up.  Don’t just carve pumpkins, scoop out the flesh and use it for Pumpkin Soup.

And the beauty is that most soup can be made from Storecupboard Ingredients!   Put Soup into the ‘Search’ box for more souper recipes.


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10 responses to “Joy of Soup

  1. I love these recipes, thanks for sharing them! I have a penchant for soup at the moment.

    • wartimehousewife

      Welcome Frugalfeeding. I wish you luck with your own blog as you’ve clearly discovered a passion which will stand you in very good stead. I hope you keep reading.

  2. Julie

    We had soup last night, and again tonight! Morrisons had a lot of cheap veg, plus two tins of tomatoes. We may well have it again for lunch on Wednesday if there is enough!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Toffeeapple

    What an apt title for your post, soup for me really is joyous. I must remember to make Pea and Ham this winter.

  4. CPC

    I am studying a module in nutrition at the moment and considering those sad souls who don’t know the joys of home made food, especially soup. A daily delight, especially as my back nashers are rubbish…. slurrrrpppp.cpc

  5. g-rider

    That chestnut and bacon soup sounds alright to me, so I reckon Mrs.G will have to give it a go. Can’t beat a nice bowl of soup.

  6. Jo Blackwell

    oh yes! And it’s about the only thing I can cook.

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