The Fastest Cheesecake in the West

Yes, there is such thing as an emergency cheesecake, sometimes cheesecake is the only thing that will do.  Such it was on Saturday night – we wanted cheesecake and we wanted it fast.  You can use anything you have to flavour or decorate it; grated lemon or orange rind, grated chocolate, tinned fruit, fresh fruit, ginger, even a little peppermint then decorate it with After Eights.

If you don’t have a mini-chopper, biscuits can be crumbed by putting them in a sealed plastic bag and assaulting them with a rolling pin. You could write the name of your least favourite politician on the bag before you start thumping it.  You get everything here – recipes, therapy…

This is how I made it using things I had in the cupboard.


1 x 7” flan dish
1 x mini chopper
1 x electric whisk
1 x medium saucepan

3oz / 90g butter
4oz / 120g digestive or ginger biscuits – reduced to breadcrumbs in the mini chopper
8oz / 240g cream cheese
¼ pint / 150ml double cream – whipped
1 egg white – whisked to soft peaks
2oz icing sugar
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
Something nice to put on the top.  I had nothing so I used a bit of raspberry sauce although jam or cranberry would have worked as well

Melt the butter in a saucepan
Add the pulverised biscuits and blend well
Grease the flan dish and press the crumb mixture firmly into the bottom
Place in the fridge to chill
Fold the icing sugar gently into the egg whites
Fold the cream gently into that, then
Fold the cream cheese and vanilla extract gently into that
Spoon the cheese mixture onto the flan base
Decorate the top if you have anything
Return to the fridge until needed

Total time from fridge to gaping maw – 15 minutes



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5 responses to “The Fastest Cheesecake in the West

  1. This is a great looking cheesecake and so quick! Nice post.

  2. Marie McWilliams

    Here in the states, at least on the East Coast, we have a restaurant chain called “The Cheesecake Factory”. They do very well for those emergency cheesecake needs. I think I overdosed on cheesecake a few years ago, though. Can’t seem to get as enthusiastic about it unless it’s gen-yoo-ine New York style.

  3. Yum! I often want to make a dessert, but think I don’t have anything, but always have these ingredients, so will bear in my mind. Thanks!

  4. JanF

    Hi WH,
    We took the photos of apples and pears at the grocery story and had the photos enlarged into posters. Today we installed them in our upper stairwell. You said you would like a photo, do you have an e mail I can sent them to? You can probably see mine as I am signing in. JanF

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