Rev-ved up on BBC2

Aahhh – the beautiful Tom Hollander.

Last night, the much anticipated second series of ‘Rev’ was shown on BBC2.  Hollander plays a young vicar, Adam Smallbone, who has relocated from a rural parish to Hackney in the East End of London.  Rev. Smallbone is an ordinary person, an ordinary man.  Not a comedy vicar like Dawn French, Ardal O’Hanlon or Derek Nimmo, but a kind and humorous man who is riddled with self doubt, who makes mistakes, and who truly cares about his parishioners and believes he can make a difference, however ill-judged some of his endeavours turn out to be.

I won’t tell you the plot of the first episode because I really, really want you to watch it on iPlayer/Catch Up etc and then continue to watch the rest of the series avidly. I will tell you though, that there is a striking cameo by Ralph Fiennes as the Bishop of London, and Hugh Bonneville appears as a white suited, ambitious and worldy colleague.

His wife Alex (Olivia Colman) has her own career as a solicitor and she really struggles with the 24-hour nature of his vocation.  She loves him so much but desperately wants to spend time with him alone and is keen to start a family but, as she points out to him, ”You don’t shag me enough.”

Some of Smallbone’s finest moments are when he is sitting on the bench outside the church, fag in hand, discussing his problems with the local drunk, who frequently offers a weird kind of sanity.  He is out of his depth, burdened with a shrinking congregation, a crumbling building and a dysfunctional but devoted support team.  And yet, as in all his roles, there is a beauty and stillness to the character which takes your breath away.

I have never seen Hollander in a duff role.  Everything he does has depth and conviction whether he’s George V in ‘The Lost Prince’, the cold and calculating Beckett in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or the flamboyant Darren in ‘Bedrooms and Hallways’.

And he’s really, really gorgeous. Which is nice.


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17 responses to “Rev-ved up on BBC2

  1. Sue

    Isn’t he though? I love Rev almost beyond words, I mentioned it a few days aog on my blog. I especially enjoyed Hugh Bonneville’s choice of dvds for the retreat and Ralph Fiennes was fabulous as the bishop -striking is the right word -just who was he meant to be one wonders? Love Olivia Coleman too. Did you know she is playing Carol Thatcher in the forthcoming Iron Lady with Meryl Streep?

  2. Mary

    I shall certainly be turning on iPlayer, because that photo alone is very tempting!

  3. Hear! Hands off! Tom Hollander is mine all mine.

    Seriously, I was glad to see the good start to series 2, after the excellent first series. And apparently real vicars have a tendency to sidle up to Tom Hollander and comment that it’s nice to see someone who actually looks and behaves like a real, normal vicar on screen.

  4. Couln’t agree more. I just love it,

  5. Absolutely. But I had almost completely forgotten about Bedrooms and Hallways.

    • wartimehousewife

      Welcome Alex. Funnily enough it was on the TV a couple of weeks ago and I had forgotten all about it. Some of it was a bit too much like my life (but ten years later) for comfort!

  6. I can’t say I was taken with ‘Rev’, but Tom Hollander is always wonderful – even when he was a repulsive Mr. Collins in ‘Pride and Prejudice’!

  7. Thank God for iPlayer, and this reminder … I missed it!

  8. Rab

    You do know that Tom Hollander is pocket-sized. Gorgeous but really, really tiny. England’s answer to Prince.

    • julie

      Pocket sized is just fine …Rev is the perfect antidote to all the reality stuff which plagues the tv and thank goodness for BBCiplayer I am on ‘catch up’ most of the time

      • wartimehousewife

        Welcome Julie – I quite agree, although I have to admit that I’ve rather got into Strictly Come Dancing this time. Mainly because, when I’m famous, I hope to be asked on and I can genuinely say that I’m a fan! And yes, thank goodness for iPlayer. Hope you keep reading.

  9. Mary Gurlek

    I am loving “Rev” with the wonderful Tom Hollander. Clever writing and great acting make it very watchable and laugh out loud funny.

    • wartimehousewife

      Welcome Mary. And wasn’t it brilliant last night – Rev on ecstacy – hilarious. Hope you keep reading and emjoy the new site.

  10. Revic

    I just recently discovered this delightful series through the internet. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say that I was surprisingly delighted. As a real “Rev” I am amazed at how true to life much of what happens in this comedic take on the church.
    When Adam has his crisis a faith and yet is called on by the police to do his duty for a women who is dying. He quote’s the story of Isaiah call to serve. It is this reminder that gets him through what he needs to do and reminds of his faith.All I can say is that I have been there.
    I could go on: life in the parsonage with people stopping by at the most unexpected times, finding words of wisdom in unexpected places ( Colin the drunk), the feelings of loneliness, the question of relevance and so much more.
    I look forward to Season two. Keep up the good work.

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