The Wartime Housewife’s Secret Project Revealed at Last!

Do remember that for the last few months I have been teasing you in a naughty way about having a Secret Project on the go?  Well my darlings, it has come to pass and this is the last post I’m going to write …… on this site!

From Saturday morning ( don’t try to sneak a peek before then) The Wartime Housewife will be a Proper Website at

It will still have all the regular recipes, household hints, advice, stories, culture, reviews, muttering and unreasonable ranting that you’ve come to expect from me, but it will also have lots of new bells and whistles including


The Corner Shop will be very much open for business from Saturday and will stock lovely, high-quality things for Home and Garden, Gifts for Children, Books, Something for the Chaps, Wartime Housewife branded goods, Seasonal Gifts and items from the Robert Opie Collection.

There is also a section called ‘Limited Editions’ and this will have things that I find – at antique markets, sales, auctions, second-hand bookshops and so forth – that I think will be of interest.  These may change on a weekly or even daily basis, so you’ll have to keep checking, as you just never know what you’ll find!

The items for sale have been carefully chosen to fit in with The Wartime Housewife ethos of buying good quality, well-designed things that will last, that will be treasured and won’t end up in landfill after a couple of months.
I have started with a relatively small collection but this will grow and develop as time goes on.

Anyone who has subscribed will automatically come with us to the new site and there will be an automatic re-direct if you inadvertently tap in the old site or forget to change it in your ‘Favourites’.

One little ‘bug’ that we haven’t fixed yet is that on pages where there are a lot of products, you will see a little italic sentence at the bottom left of the page saying ‘older posts’.  You will need to click on this to see the rest of the stock.  This will be rectified soon but if you could just remember to click this so you don’t miss anything.  This is a brand new site and there could conceivably be the odd glitch, so please bear with me – it will all come right.

I will take this opportunity to thank you all for your interest and support and look forward to hearing from you at the new site.  I also give my heartfelt thanks to Freelance Unbound, without whom absolutely none of this would have been possible.



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21 responses to “The Wartime Housewife’s Secret Project Revealed at Last!

  1. PatfromCanada

    Wow that is so exciting – for everyone. I can hardly wait to take a look on Saturday!!!

  2. How brilliant! Hope there will be lots of gas masks and knitted Woolton Pies. Every best wish for you on such an adventure.

  3. All this, and second-hand books too? See you on Saturday!

  4. Mrs Albion

    Can’t wait! Hope all your readers are as excited as me. Good luck!

  5. Penny Beaumont

    Where you lead, we shall follow. Good luck WH.

  6. Toffeeapple

    Excellent news. I think I’ve already seen it though as when I clicked on the title of Two Minute Review from my in-box I was taken to WH with a new twist. Good luck with it all, see you on the other side!

  7. Jo Halford

    I’m positively salivating I’m so excited!! Good luck!

  8. Mary

    Can’t wait! How exciting!

  9. The little lady with the frying pan isn’t going anywhere is she?
    Good luck with going live!

  10. Araminta

    I’m glad there are still going to be rants as well as all the other goodies. I read them shouting “Yes! YES!! YES!!!” , thanking heaven there are still other people out there as outraged as I am by many aspects of modern society.

  11. glynis

    Exciting stuff…it’s like Christmas Eve!
    Hope all goes well tomorrow ; )

  12. gillian taylor

    Oh well done WH! I always new you were destined for better things – you so deserve a bigger audience! The very best of luck with your new adventure – I am looking forward to Saturday morning already!!

  13. TopNan

    This all sounds wonderful WH.
    All the very best of luck with your new venture.

  14. I hope you don’t forget the little people when you’re famous and on daytime telly! Congratulations on the new venture.

  15. g-rider

    Good luck with the new site, WH. Go for it, and I hope it grows into a huge success for you. All the best.

  16. wartimehousewife

    Thank you all for your encouraging and kind comments and I look forward to seeing you on the other side, as it were.

  17. alltime fishwife

    Oooooooooh- I can’t wait to buy a knitted Woolton pie! No really, it is very exciting, and how you have ever managed to organise it all whilst running your family I shall never know. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  18. myrtle

    Just about to write good wishes and have realised it’s gone midnight, so technically Saturday! Should I sneak a peak or wait till daylight……..

  19. Ian

    Where do I get my book of coupons?

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