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Rev-ved up on BBC2

Aahhh – the beautiful Tom Hollander.

Last night, the much anticipated second series of ‘Rev’ was shown on BBC2.  Hollander plays a young vicar, Adam Smallbone, who has relocated from a rural parish to Hackney in the East End of London.  Rev. Smallbone is an ordinary person, an ordinary man.  Not a comedy vicar like Dawn French, Ardal O’Hanlon or Derek Nimmo, but a kind and humorous man who is riddled with self doubt, who makes mistakes, and who truly cares about his parishioners and believes he can make a difference, however ill-judged some of his endeavours turn out to be.

I won’t tell you the plot of the first episode because I really, really want you to watch it on iPlayer/Catch Up etc and then continue to watch the rest of the series avidly. I will tell you though, that there is a striking cameo by Ralph Fiennes as the Bishop of London, and Hugh Bonneville appears as a white suited, ambitious and worldy colleague.

His wife Alex (Olivia Colman) has her own career as a solicitor and she really struggles with the 24-hour nature of his vocation.  She loves him so much but desperately wants to spend time with him alone and is keen to start a family but, as she points out to him, ”You don’t shag me enough.”

Some of Smallbone’s finest moments are when he is sitting on the bench outside the church, fag in hand, discussing his problems with the local drunk, who frequently offers a weird kind of sanity.  He is out of his depth, burdened with a shrinking congregation, a crumbling building and a dysfunctional but devoted support team.  And yet, as in all his roles, there is a beauty and stillness to the character which takes your breath away.

I have never seen Hollander in a duff role.  Everything he does has depth and conviction whether he’s George V in ‘The Lost Prince’, the cold and calculating Beckett in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or the flamboyant Darren in ‘Bedrooms and Hallways’.

And he’s really, really gorgeous. Which is nice.


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Mock the Week

Dara O'Briain

I’ve just been nearly crying laughing watching Mock the Week on Dave.
This is my Mock the Week Dream Team mostly based on how much they make me laugh:

Host:  Dara O’Briain – obviously

Miles Jupp

Miles Jupp
Chris Addison

Ed Byrne
Greg Davies
John Bishop

Chris Addison

Russell Howard

I tried to line the photos up so they were a block but they would not go.  This the Boys’ Team.  I do have a Girls’ Team but that’s for another day.

Just so you know.

John Bishop

Russell Howard

Greg Davies

Ed Byrne


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Another one for The Gallery: Stephen Mangan

Stephen Mangan.  Tall, thin, Jewish looking, brainy, a bit posh.

Ding Dong.

(Episodes, Green Wing, Adrian Mole, radio plays, theatre)


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Shamefully taking advantage of a busy man

Apologies for the blurry photo - it was very dark

I don’t know if any of you watched the wonderful series ‘The  Story of England’ presented by Michael Wood on BBC?  In it, he told a fascinating story of the history of England through the records of the small Leicestershire village of Kibworth.  Now Kibworth is just up the road from me and I go there every day which add an extra exciting dimension for me and the many others who were involved in the series.

The Father of My Children had a degree of involvement in the series and I accompanied him to the book launch at Kibworth.  These things are always good fun, but I will own up here and now that I find Michael Wood hugely attractive; it’s that tousled toff thing combined with unbounded enthusiasm.  Works for me every time and it means that I get history and totty in one fell swoop.

After a film show and an excellent presentation, I duly bought the book and queued up at the end to get it signed.  He had a train to catch, so everyone was thoughtfully getting their books signed without engaging him in too much conversation.  I sidled up and smiled my most winning smile. 

“Could you please write ‘To the Wartime Housewife?’” I asked.
“Of course” he said.
“And after your name, could you please just put, in brackets, TWC?”
“TWC?  Oh-kaaaay” he obediently wrote it, but asked no questions.  He was in a hurry.

And what, you ask, does TWC stand for?

Thinking Woman’s Crumpet of course!  One for the gallery I think.

Oh how could I!!!!


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I have decided that I am completely in love with Chris Addison.  That’s all really.

Actually, when I turn ‘website’, do you think I should have a gallery or box for Thinking  Woman’s Crumpet?  Or would that be off message?


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