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Fruity Chicken Salad

This is my absolute favourite salad because it’s filling, colourful, nutritious and delicious.  I’m afraid there’s no picture until tomorrow as I made the salad but I eated it … before I remembered to take a picture.  It serves two people.  I like a dark green salad such as watercress or rocket because the bitterness sets off the fruityness of the mango nicely.  Save a little of the mango to mix with the mayonnaise for a fruity dressing.


1 x sharp vegetable knife
1 x small bowl

2 chicken breasts – grilled
Dark green salad
1 x large ripe mango – peeled and sliced – set aside a few bits
1 x large ripe avocado – peeled and sliced
2 x large tablespoons mayonnaise
A little paprika
1 x heaped tablespoon pine nuts

Divide the salad leaves between two plates
Place the chicken breast towards one edge of the plate (six o’clock position)
Arrange the mango and avocado in alternate slices in a fan shape above the chicken
Mash up the set aside mango and mix it with the mayonnaise
Place a spoonful between the chicken and the fruit
Sprinkle with a little paprika
Sprinkle with pine nuts


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