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Wills’ Cigarette Cards No. 9: Distempering

Distemper may seem a somewhat outmoded decorative option, but anyone who has an old property will undoubtedly have come across it.  Also, anyone who is involved in conservation will be familiar with it, as well as lime mortar.  However, this is entirely separate from the veterinary condition and under no circumstances must you attempt to paint your dog, however shabby his appearance.
For more information on distemper and lime mortar click on Building Conservation.com.


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Wills’ Cigarette Cards No 8: Cycle Brackets

Now I know there are a few of you out there who would find much use for a sturdy pair of brackets like these for your velocipedes, to say nothing of frollicking with a bracing strut …


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Wills’ Cigarette Cards No 7: A useful clothes-line


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Wills’ Cigarette Cards No 6: Whitening a ceiling


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Wills’ Cigarette Cards No 5: Replacing loose castors


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Wills’ Cigarette Cards No 4: Ridding a Carpet of Moths

God, I love these.


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Wills’ Cigarette Cards No 3: A Broom Rack


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Wills’ Cigarette Cards No 1: How to Make a Simple Barometer

Back in November I bought an (incomplete) pack of Wills Cigarette Cards, which I discovered to be from the 1930s.  They comprise 50 cards giving beautifully illustrated Household Hints – right up my street, but sadly many were missing.  I told you how to restore a crushed broom, but Rate My Sausage was disappointed in his efforts to make a handy rack for his (restored) brooms.

And then, miraculously, and generously, The Father of My Children presented me with a complete pack, which means that over time I will be able to offer practical and illustrated advice on making not only broom racks, but cycle brackets and dog kennels, I will show you how to lay linoleum and cement a path. You can be daring with distemper.

But for now, here is:

1.  How to Make a Simple Barometer


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Back in the Saddle

I’m back – YIPPEE!!!!  After a week of TalkTalk ringing me and asking me the same questions over and over again, and doing the same tests, an engineer finally said, yesterday afternoon, “My diagnostics tell me that the BT line coming into your house is faulty.  I’ll have to call them out.”  “You do that!”, I said forcefully.

This morning I was at Viscount Drayton’s house when Ms Rozzer called me on the mobile to say that the BT engineer was unexpectedly at my house and was there a spare key.  There was, until Boy the Elder removed it, so I hotfooted it home.  After two hours and much climbing of poles, I now have telephone and internet.  “That wire was knackered” said the engineer, “and I bet your internet has been a bit intermittent” he added cheerfully.  I merely stared at him with big, round eyes as a tiny tear of gratitude rolled slowly down my quivering cheek.

Actually, it’s been a rather good day on the whole.  First thing this morning, I popped in for a coffee with The Father of My Children and just before I left he gave me a present.  A complete set of Wills ‘Household Hints’ cigarette cards.  Would you believe it?  Rate My Sausage will have his broom rack after all!!

Next, I managed to negotiate a situation with somebody completely on my own terms, as opposed to caving in and going ‘Oh alright then I’ll inconvenience myself in order to make you happy’ which is what I normally do.  Good work.

And to cap it all, I am now in possession of a working telephone and fully functioning internet access.  At this juncture I would like to thank everyone who has left comments on the blog and not deserted me in droves.  I offer particular thanks to Grooverider who wrote such a tremendous and comforting poem.  Rest assured, I have used this week to a) apply myself to thinking up new and interesting articles and b) go to bed earlier.

See you tomorrow.


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Wills’ Cigarette Cards No 2: How to Restore a Crushed Broom

At the Market Harborough Antique Market on Sunday, I found this pack of Wills’ Cigarette Cards and the subject was ‘Household Hints’.  A lucky find or what,  my friends?  I don’t know what date they are, but I assume that they are 40s or 50s as they clearly belong to a non-throwaway time.  

Sadly the set is not complete, but there are certainly enough to make an occasional feature for The Wartime Housewife.  I will present them to you in number order and, although you will find most of them extremely useful, there are a few that will provide more entertainment than edification.

No 2:  Restoring a Crushed Broom


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