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Glamorgan Sausages

Glamorgan Sausages aren’t sausages at all as they contain absolutely no meat, in fact, they’re more like a substantial croquette.  They are, however, absolutely delicious, a great vegetarian option, or just a lovely lunch or dinner served with dark green vegetables, potatoes or salad. 

The recipe calls for 3 egg yolks, but only 1 egg white – use the remaining egg whites to make meringues for pudding!


1 x large mixing bowl
1 x medium mixing bowl
2 x shallow bowls for dipping and rolling
1 x whisk
1 x large frying pan
Kitchen paper

5oz  / 150g mature Cheddar cheese – grated
6oz  / 180g fresh breadcrumbs
2 spring onions – finely chopped
3 egg yolks – have another egg in reserve in case of dryness
1 tablespoon fresh parsley – finely chopped
1 teaspoon mustard powder
1 egg white – beaten
oil for frying

Mix together the cheese, spring onions and 5oz / 150g of the breadcrumbs in a large bowl
In the medium bowl whisk the egg yolks with the parsley and mustard
Add this to the cheese mixture and blend together well
Season to taste
If the mixture is too dry or crumbly to make into shapes, add another egg yolk
Divide the mixture into 12 equal pieces and roll each one into a sausage shape about 2” / 5cm long
Dip the sausages into the egg white then roll them in the remaining breadcrumbs
Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the sausages, turning frequently, until golden brown
blot off excess oil on kitchen paper and serve


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Still Mincing: Rissoles

If you need your minced beef or lamb to go a little further, you can fall back on the good old British rissole.  They are delicious and are lighter than a burger.  My grandmother used to make small rissoles using the minced up remains of the Sunday joint, as a late supper dish and eaten on their own.  I like them with a green salad, spinach or dark green cabbage. 

If you’re using fresh mince, brown it in the smaller frying pan and drain off the fat before using.


1 x large mixing bowl
2 x small bowls for dipping and coating
1 x blender or mini chopper for making breadcrumbs
1 x large frying pan
1 x smaller frying pan if you’re using fresh mince

1 ½ lb / 720g potatoes – boiled and mashed
12oz / 360g minced beef or lamb
1 onion – finely chopped
2 tblspn fresh chopped parsley (mint, sage or chives also work well)
1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
salt and pepper
2 tblspn plain flour
2 eggs – beaten
4oz / 120g fresh breadcrumbs
Oil for frying

Using the large bowl, thoroughly mix together the meat, potatoes, onions, Worcester sauce, herbs and seasoning
If you have time, let the mixture chill in the fridge for an hour as it makes the mixture easier to shape
Shape the mixture into eight patties
Dip each one in the flour, then the beaten egg and then the breadcrumbs
Heat a little oil to a medium heat in the large frying pan
Cook the rissoles, turning occasionally to make sure they are evenly browned and crisp
Drain on a bit of kitchen towel and serve

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A Quick and Deceptively Impressive Three-Course Meal

Lunch 19.08In which The Wartime House tells you how to make Salmon or Mackerel Pate, Spaghetti Carbonara and Baked Peaches in Marsala.

This is a perfect example of a deceptively impressive lunch, or supper, which can be made almost entirely with storecupboard ingredients and can be prepared extremely quickly.  Should serve 4.

Quick Mackerel or Salmon Pate


1 x 140g tin of mackerel or pink salmon
Juice of one lemon
1 x tblsp chopped fresh parsley or ½ tblsp dried parsley
3oz (90g) softened butter
Twist of black pepper


Put all the ingredients in a bowl and blend with a stick blender until smooth.
Serve with hot buttered toast
Garnish with a bit of fresh parsley and a slice of lemon if you have it

Quick Pasta Carbonara


2 x eggs
¼ pint of cream
3oz (90g) cheddar – grated
3oz (90g) chopped ham if you have it
4oz (100g) frozen peas
12oz (400g) pasta


Mix the eggs, cream, cheese and ham together in a bowl.
Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet
Halfway through cooking time add the peas and continue cooking
Drain and return to the pan
Add the egg and cream mixture and cook over a low heat until thickened
Season with plenty of black pepper and a little salt

Baked Peaches

Pre-heat oven to 180 / 350 / 4
I recommend putting these in the oven when you start preparing lunch then switch off the oven when cooked and leave to ‘improve’ and keep warm until ready to eat.


8 x peach halves (skinned if using fresh)
10floz of ideally Marsala wine or white wine with a dash of sherry
2oz (40g) white sugar
1″ cinnamon stick (or ½ tsp cinnamon powder)
1 x vanilla pod (or ½ tsp vanilla extract)


Place the peaches in a single layer in a shallow baking dish
Mix the sugar into the wine and pour over the peaches
Add the cinnamon and vanilla
Bake for 35 to 40 minutes
Serve with whipped cream or marscapone cheese


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Breakfast plus a recipe for Crepes

Breakfast 14.08.09Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  This is a cliché and I don’t care.  I’ll say it again.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Allow me to elucidate. 

 Most people probably eat dinner at about 7.30 – 8pm and go to bed between 10pm and midnight and this means it will be approximately 11 hours before breakfast.  Believe it or not, a person actually needs a reserve of energy to get a good night’s sleep and without this reserve, the body’s reserves will be significantly reduced by the morning.   When the alarm goes off, one has a lot of tasks to accomplish which need focus and mental and physical energy; get yourself out of bed, shower, dress, feed the children, remember everything that everyone needs for the day, get them off to school, travel to work, start work.  Meanwhile, you’re body’s reserves are being slowly consumed.  Assuming your lunch break is between 12 and 2pm, you have asked your body to last for perhaps 17 hours without fuel by which time you will be starving, grumpy and lacklustre and may not make the right decisions about what will actually feed your brain and body to it’s best advantage come lunchtime.  The Wartime Housewife is painfully aware of this as, although I have breakfast with The Boys, I have to go from one job to another without a break and often end up stuffing a fat-laden sausage roll down my throat during the three minute car journey, which frankly I might as well have sellotaped  to my ample bottom as that’s where it’s going to end up.

Some people (and you know who you are) then decided that they are far too busy and important to stop for lunch and keep going, without food, until they get home and have dinner.  By this time, the body is in meltdown because it has no idea when it will next be fed so it hangs onto every single one of the calories you give it in case it never gets them again.  The metabolism slows down and people who actually don’t eat that much find themselves putting on weight.  A little and often is the key.

Pull yourselves together.  Even if you miss lunch, which is not advisable, eat something in the morning.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  A bowl of bran flakes with milk takes 20 seconds to prepare, 5 minutes to eat and will provide you with a slow release of carbohydrate to fuel you until lunch.  (Don’t eat sugar puffs or anything with chocolate or clusters in – the clue is in the name – this is pudding not breakfast and no good will come of it.)  A slice of wholemeal or granary toast with a smear of butter, marmite or honey will do the same.  A banana is full of energy.  Cereal bars are a bit heavy on the sugar, but usually have oats or bran and dried fruit in them and are better than nothing.  You don’t have to be conventional either.  I know a man, who does a very physical job, who grills a large piece of fish while he’s getting dressed and eats it between two slices of wholemeal bread on his way to work each morning.

I have put this in very simplistic terms, but if you would like to learn more I would direct you to an excellent book by the eminent Naturopath, Rod Lane, entitled ‘The Adam and Eve Diet’ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Adam-Eve-Diet-Biologically-Tailor-made/dp/0340819367. This is not a conventional diet book, it is a blueprint for understanding how your individual metabolism works and how you can feed your body properly and naturally to its best advantage.


Natural yoghurt, chopped up banana, tablespoon of honey – 5 minutes to make,

Boiled egg with toast or bread and butter – 5 minutes to make

Cheese on toast – 2 minutes in the toaster, 30 seconds in the microwave

Kippers – grill in 5 minutes

Porridge (proper rolled oats if possible) – 5 minutes in the microwave, fantastically nutritious

Pilchards on toast – fry them in their own oil until hot – good for your heart

Mushrooms on toast – toss sliced mushrooms in a little butter – 5 minutes – low fat protein

Beans on toast – 5 minutes

Omelette – whisk eggs up the with a fork, cook in a frying pan with a little oil – 5 minutes

An apple & a handful of raisins – 1 minute

Lean Bacon and Eggs – 5 minutes – don’t eat the fat!

CREPES  Serves 4.
These need more time but make an excellent emergency breakfast when you have nothing in, or just as a treat.  These are all storecupboard ingredients.

Small frying pan
Medium sized bowl

4oz (120g) wholemeal plain flour
2oz (60g) white sugar
2 eggs
½ pint of milk
1 large knob of butter – melted
1 tsp vanilla essence
A little cooking oil

Can be served with lemon, sugar, golden syrup, banana, jam, cocoa, honey, raisins etc – improvise, be adventurous!

Place the flour and sugar in a medium sized bowl and make a well in the centre
Add the eggs and beat to a thick paste.
Add the remaining ingredients and whisk until smooth and creamy.
Leave for 15 minutes while you go and get washed and dressed
Put a little oil in the frying pan and put on a medium heat (this needs a bit of practice according to your cooker)
Whisk the mixture again and transfer to a jug
Pour about 2floz (60ml) of the mixture into the pan and keep it loose and mobile with a fish slice. Flip it over when it is lightly browned underneath and cook until browned on that side too.  If you are an accomplished tosser of pancakes, this is your chance to shine.  The Wartime Housewife is not accomplished and does not lose sleep over it.

Serve immediately to the first person sitting down, run back and cook another one etc.  You can keep them hot on a plate but this takes more concentration.

* * * * *

To use yet another appalling cliche, your car will grind to a halt without fuel.  So will you.  I feel a feature about lunch boxes coming on…


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