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Bothered by Boxes (or an account of, hopefully, my last move for a long time)

Finally, I am back in the Land of the Bloggers.  For the first time in I don’t know how long, I am actually sitting at my desk writing a proper blog and I can’t tell you how good it feels.

One reason that it feels so good is that it is a physical demonstration that the house is becoming sufficiently ‘home-like’ that I’m not fretting 24 hours a day about how many boxes are still waiting to be unpacked.  I admit that there are still three boxes whose contents await redistribution but when one considers that I have taken my Escort to the recycling centre four times now, absolutely loaded to the gunnels with flattened cardboard, the remaining three are there merely for me to toy with. “Shall I open you?  Shall I not?  You want your tape off?  I’m not taking your tape off.  I know what’s inside and I might open you today, but there again I might not.  I’m fickle that way, you little cardboard minx”.

As my longstanding readers will know, moving house has become something of a regular habit in the last few years.  This is my fourth move in five years, not through choice, and I am well and truly sick of it.  My friends are sick of it, as are my family, as they are the ones who have consistently been asked to do the moving and, as I may have mentioned before, I have a lot of stuff and more books than my mother’s local library.

As you are an interesting bunch of people, I’m sure you will understand that, if one is interested in lots of things, one automatically acquires the accoutrements of those interests and even if, like me, you put those things into carefully labelled boxes that potentially stack neatly in corners and cupboards, they nonetheless stack up and the only way to get rid of them is to relinquish the interest.  Which is out of the question.

So, once again, my team swung into action and moved my stuff – this time from Great Bowden to Desborough.  The Aged Parent came up the week before the move and I set her to work packing up my glass, silver and china – all fiddly stuff which she did absolutely brilliantly as I discovered when I came to unpack it and found not a single breakage in the carefully labelled boxes.

On the Friday I got the keys, my friend Jo and her son arrived and between her Mini and my Escort we shifted more books than any humans should be obliged to do.  Sister the Second and her husband Byron reported for duty on Saturday , along with The Father of My Children in a van, Mrs Grable (my sister in law), Mr & Mrs Medbourne (her son and daughter in law) and their son Dylan.

There has never been such a jolly bunch.  They managed to move a phenomenal amount of stuff  in an efficient and good humoured way and teamwork doesn’t even begin to describe it.  I had hired a big van (which I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed driving) and they worked away filling it and TFOMC’s Transit over and over again.  Even when we discovered that we’d have to take the sitting room window out to get the sofa in, the spirits never lowered and no-one smacked anyone.

The following afternoon, TFOMY and I crept along to Mr Medbourne’s house, cap in hand, and begged him to come back for a bit longer to move The White Goods.  The poor bloke had only just finished his Sunday lunch, but he put on a happy face and clambered once more into the breach.

I do still have some stuff stored in a barn behind my last house, but other than that, the old hovel was empty and as clean as it was ever likely to be.  However, it didn’t stop my bastard of a landlord taking fifty quid off me for a small stain on an already disgustingly stained carpet and  for absolutely refusing to believe that the bathroom was so damp in the winter that it had completely disintegrated the fittings on the lavatory seat.  I weighed it up; if I challenged him I wouldn’t get the deposit back for months or I could accept it and cut my losses.  I cut my losses and may I take this moment to wish a plague of biting things to fall upon his house in perpetuity and that he gets septicaemia from the bites.

Desborough would not have been my first choice of location.  I have been utterly spoiled since coming to The East Midlands nearly fifteen years ago, in that I have lived in beautiful rural spots and mostly far from the madding crowd.  But Desborough is cheap, has real shops within walking distance and is that bit  nearer to Boy the Elder’s new school.  It is also incredibly friendly, my new neighbours seem very pleasant and almost everyone who passes the house says good morning or smiles in greeting.

The house itself, a red brick Victorian terrace, is a good size and in nice condition and even has a kitchen big enough to put a small table in, at which I and my shining faced boys can eat breakfast and converse pleasantly at some abominable hour in the morning come term time.  Best of all, it has a cellar that is equipped with carpets and electricity and in which I have made my office.  Outa Spaceman has already dubbed this ‘The Bunker’ and that is how it shall continue to be known.  And from The Bunker shall come forth great things.

And yes, Peter, there is a gas mask hanging by the kitchen door.


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Midland Clearances

I’ve spent the last three days (and many days prior to this) clearing an outbuilding of stuff which has been there for two and a half years.  Some of it will go into the Household Sale at Great Bowden Village Hall on Sunday at 2pm, much of it has gone into the bin and a small proportion is going to auction.  It has been dirty, greasy, back-breaking work, made all the nastier by the copious amount of cobwebs and long-leggety things of various sizes and densities.

There is, undoubtedly, a tremendous sense of purging when one clears out.  I have lots of interests which all need ‘stuff’ in order to carry them out and books on practically every subject under the sun; Boy the Elder and I can research almost any subject we choose without ever going outside the house or onto the internet.

However, having moved four times in five years, if I want to keep any of the friends and relatives who regularly turn out brandishing screwdrivers and flexing muscles, I need to shed some stuff.  My dining room is bulging at the seams with excess possessions and, once they’ve gone, I can start the onerous process of packing up all the stuff which we don’t actually need on a daily basis.

The next task is the boys’ rooms.
I’d rather have the spiders.




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Coming soon…

I’m really sorry that I’m being so shoddy about my postings at the moment.    I am trying, but I have so much to do in order to make the impending move as painless as possible that my mind is full and my hands are dirty.  Would that it was the other way round.

I was researching an article for you yesterday morning,  but A Man came round to mend the broken window pane in my front door.  Boy the Younger had found a piece of wrought iron, which Boy the Elder had found and kept because he liked the shape.  Boy the Elder made one sarcastic comment too many, so Boy the Younger hurled said piece of iron down the stairs, narrowly failing to inflict serious head injuries on his brother, but absolutely succeeding in smashing through the front door.  I would usually repair a broken window myself, but there was beading involved and I have so much to do at the moment, that I called in a local professional, thus supporting the local economy.  The window took half an hour, the stories about his daughter took considerably longer.

I was going to finish and write up the article last night but … well … I fell asleep in my comfy wing-backed armchair, with little Jeremiah snuggled up in my arms.  By the time I woke up it was time for bed.  Said Zebedee.


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I got the house!

I cruised into the estate agent in Kettering this morning (now there’s a funny old place, Kettering), I was accepted as the new tenant and laid down half the deposit there and then.  I really can’t believe how easy it’s all been which suggests to me that I’ve done the right thing.  The agents were really most accommodating…..

I shall be moving in on 29th July so there’s a lot to do, including having a big sale of all my surplus stuff in Great Bowden Village Hall on Sunday 3rd July from 2pm – in case there are any locals reading this.  I shall also be serving tea and cake, so come on down!

Hurrah!  Harroo!


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The Wartime Housewife is moving house again – again!

Sincere apologies for the dearth of articles but life has temporarily overtaken me.  As Boy the Elder will be going to school some considerable distance from here in September, we had agreed that we needed to move a little further south – not much – but the other side of Harborough at least.  I had started looking in a fairly cursory way but was going to hold off an intensive search until I’d off-loaded our surplus stuff in a garage style sale in the Village Hall on 3rd July.

But life has an interesting habit of making one focus when one least expects it.  I received a visit from my landlord on Thursday evening giving me notice to quit.  The Fernie Hunt has sold the land on which my tiny cottage festers to a developer and I have to be out by 24th August.  I had been warned that this was going to happen but we didn’t know whether it would be six months or six years.  It’s now.

The hunt is on, ho ho.  I have been rather spoiled in that, for the last fourteen years, I have been fortunate enough to live in lovely areas and although my present cottage is ghastly, the setting is divine.  However, I visited a property today which, although the location wouldn’t be my first choice, the house itself  as perfect as I’m going to get within my budgetary constraints.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

And if I don’t get this house, please could you all wish upon me a large, period domicile with five bedrooms, two receptions, a giant kitchen and a study, half a mile away from my nearest neighbour, for £500 per month.  Oh and a cleaner thrown in.  Surely not too much to ask!

This'd do...


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No article today, for today my articles start moving!

No deep, meaningful and yet pleasantly amusing article today.  For today Sister the Second and I begin the removal In Earnest.  The kitchen is sparkling and my books are jiggling in their boxes.  I can just hear them, through the thick cardboard of the banana boxes in which they are packed – three and a half thousand little voices crying “Take us to the New House, for there we shall take on new life and be read voraciously.  Just make sure the sun doesn’t shine on our spines and fade us!”

Oh alright then.  Allons sie Allonso!!


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Relocation (but not very far)

3 bedroom country dwelling

Excellent news, dear friends!  The Wartime Housewife has found new Headquarters.  It’s bit further than I would have hoped, being nearly 20 yards from the current homestead, but I must be brave.  I have cancelled the pantechnicon.  I entered deep and meaningful negotiations with my landlord and we have agreed that I should move into the house opposite with barely an increase in rent. 
AND it has three bedrooms.  Hurrah. 
I move in ten days.  Hurrah (tempered with Aarrghghgh!)

Thank you all so much for all your good wishes, you have genuinely helped to keep my spirits up.


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